I have come back to Blogger and started a new account


My new Blogger account that I set up today is called sift666 - I would have called it SIFT but the name was already taken. That's OK, sift666 has quite a bit of history now as well.

My new account can be found here: sift666.blogspot.com

The irony of this is not lost on me - after a decade of avoiding Google I'm now back revisiting Google owned Blogger again because my WordPress blog is still getting very little traffic since Google black listed it in 2016, and I've become disillusioned with blockchain sites like Steemit, Hive, and Blurt over the past few years due to insider corruption and ever decreasing engagement and payouts...

My self hosted WordPress site is here: www.frot.co.nz - that is the big one with thousands of pictures I won't be posting here, but what the hell, I feel like giving Blogger another go.

I started out on Blogger way back in 2008 with this post and I always liked the way the platform worked. After trying out every other platform under the sun since then, I have come around to thinking "oh fuck it, I don't like Google but I use Android every day, so maybe I'll step down from my righteous pedestal and start a new blog back on Blogger again"

The first thing I find is that it hasn't changed, and with no clueless updates, it's still fun and easy to use. OK Google, you got me, it's still a great blogging site for concentrating on creating content, and if you can manage to not censor me or shut the site down I'll start posting on Blogger again.